ImmuOysters in the Attic: Part 3

Chris Alonzo, Marki Shalloe, Patrick Wood, and Daniel Guyton all get progressively drunker with interviewer Stephanie Helms for Atlanta Fringe Radio.

ImmuOysters in the Attic: Part Two

Chris Alonzo, Marki Shalloe, Patrick Wood, and Daniel Guyton dig deeper into their roots and reasons for making theater in the second part of this interview with Stephanie Helms for the Atlanta Fringe Festival.

ImmuOysters in the Attic: Part One

The Atlanta Fringe Festival talks to Chris Alonzo from 144 Oysters to God, Marki Shalloe and Patrick Wood from Immurare, and Daniel Guyton from Attic about their plays in the festival, their processes, and the most important question of all, “Why Fringe?” Interviews were conducted by the incomparable Stephanie Helms.

Bakersfield is notorious for being the armpit of California. Whenever you tell people that you are going to Bakersfield the first response is always “why ?” And the second response is always “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Les Kurkendaal in David Magazine, talking about his show Christmas in Bakersfield

Daniel Guyton’s Attic at the Preview Party

It was good a Dn did have gyn a d sp swamp pepsi references. Damn spell check

Actual text from my mother regarding Ladyland. I believe she was referring to Swamp People.

Daniel Guyton, the playwright for Attic, discusses his script with Stephanie Helms and the Circle Ensemble Theatre’s production of it. You can see Attic at the Horizons School theater in Candler Park May 10-13, 2012.

Marki Shalloe and Patrick Wood, the writer and lead actor of Immurare, discuss their show in the festival with Stephanie Helms. You can see Immurare at the Mask Center in Little 5 Points May 10-13, 2012.

Chris Alonzo and Stephanie Helms talk about Chris’s one-man show, 144 Oysters to God, and also why raw oysters are gross. 144 Oysters to God plays at the Horizons School gym in Candler Park May 10-13, 2012.

Preview Party Pics!

IMG_9727.jpgBurnaway took some HOT pictures of our preview party. Check ‘em out! -